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Why recruit from Students for Sensible Drug Policy?

Students for Sensible Drug Policy has long held a unique space in the drug policy reform movement: The work that our members do on their campuses and in their states prepares them to be leaders in not only drug policy reform, but also in many intersecting movements. The list of SSDP alumni doing meaningful work in social justice, the liberty movement, direct service harm reduction, and other areas of policy reform is long and impressive.

State-legal marijuana industries have opened another door for post-graduation employment and many of the more visible leaders of that industry cut their teeth while founding SSDP and building their chapters. As they become influential leaders, SSDP alumni ensure the cannabis industry remains deeply connected to its advocacy roots and maintains the values of responsibility, transparency, and social entrepreneurship. Across the nation, SSDP alumni are filling out the ranks of entry- mid-level positions at — or founding — consulting firms, service providers, law firms, and, yes, legal marijuana providers.

Many employers will move SSDPers to the top of their​ consideration because of the powerful experiences that shape their work ethic and ​personal ​philosophy while in college.

​We invite you to join them by posting your positions to our Job Board.